Abos (aka Holy Land of Abos) is the place where two battles with Bahamut were fought.


2,000 years ago, Bahamut appeared in Abos and began spreading destruction and havoc. He was challenged by the gods and demons who fought against him in order to save the world.

The leaders of the two races, Zeus and Satan, opt to seal away Bahamut by turning themselves into the God Key and Demon Key, respectively. Bahamut's body remained in Abos while the God Key was taken to Temple Ark and the Demon Key to Helheim.

Bahamut's body existed as a reminder of the terrible destruction it had caused.

The sorcerer Gilles de Rais formed a plan to revive Bahamut by uniting the two keys with Bahamut's body. To do this, he convinced Belzebuth to create a half-demon/half-angel child from his own essence and that of an angel. The child created was Amira, and her mixed heritage enabled her to absorb both keys and become the Transcendence Key. Belzebuth then took Amira to Bahamut's body, and their merge reawakened Bahamut.

The gods and demons fought against Bahamut once again but this time, Bahamut was sent into other dimension by the actions of Favaro Leone. Bahamut disappeared from Abos, only to re-emerge ten years later in a new location.

Abos became the final resting place for many gods, demons and angels, who had died in both battles.


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