This dagger belonged to Alessand Visponti.

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Alessand began carrying a dagger on his person at an unknown point. The dagger is concealed and perfect for using against unsuspecting targets.

Alessand first used the dagger in his attempt to claim a position among the Onyx Task Force. He had recently discovered who the "Holy Child" - an enemy of the Onyx Task Force - was. While the child was isolated from his friends, Alessand quickly snuck up on him and stabbed him in the stomach with his dagger.[1]

As the child bled to death, Alessand rushed back to the royal castle to report the child's death to the Captain of the Onyx Task Force. The Captain acknowledged his actions but proceeded to show Alessand the cost of becoming a member of the Onyx Task Force: gaining power from magical green stones in exchange for slowly and painfully losing your life force.

Terrified, Alessand backed down from his dream and accepted captaincy of the Orleans Knights instead. Alessand cleaned the dagger of the child's blood at some point and led his knights to attack demon children in Anatae during the war.

When Dias confronted him over the child's death, Alessand pleaded for forgiveness. When Dias let his guard down, Alessand charged at him using the dagger. Unfortunately, Dias caught the blade in time, forcing the disarmed Alessand to run for his life.

He died at the hands of a demon child soon after. His dagger, which Dias discarded as soon as possible, is now missing.[2]

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