This compass belonged to Amira.

History[edit | edit source]

Amira's compass was an object presumably created by Martinet to help guide Amira on her mission of awakening Bahamut.

When Amira traveled to Temple Ark and stole the God Key, all nearby gods were alerted of her presence and began firing projectiles at her. Amira lost her grip on the compass as she was flying away, but picked it back up and held onto it as she continued her escape.

Michael soon found her and proceeded to attack. He managed to cut off one of Amira's wings and send her plunging down towards the surface. Amira landed heavily on a caravan owned by bandits and woke up to discover her compass was broken, meaning she could not go to Helheim.

After making quick work of the bandits, Amira entered Wytearp in search of someone who could help take her to Helheim, this person eventually being Favaro Leone.

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