Amira's pendant was one of two pendants created by Gilles de Rais.


When Amira was created, Gilles de Rais, under the identity of the demon Martinet and Amira's teacher, created the matching pendants to help drive Amira into fulfilling her mission of stealing the God and Demon Keys for the revival of Bahamut.

Amira was given one of the pendants with the impression that it was a parting gift from her mother Nicole. Under the identity of the knight Lavalley, Gilles de Rais kept the other pendant and also pretended it was from Nicole, his former mistress.

With this pendant, Amira was given false memories of her childhood as well as commands and messages from Martinet (presumably communicating through the two pendants) and set about to fulfill her mission.

When Amira finally met Lavalley in secret, Amira was presented with the second pendant which Lavalley used, along with Amira's one, to create a false map so that Amira could reach Helheim while thinking it was the "true" location of her mother, a placed called Prudisia (the gods had already forbidden her from going to Helheim).

Once Amira had reached her destination along with Favaro Leone and Kaisar Lidfard, Martinet showed himself and revealed the lies he had told her. Amira was left deeply upset and in a state of denial by this revelation. She tried to embrace her mother only to watch Nicole disintegrate followed by her own pendant.

During the revival of Bahamut, Kaisar angrily tossed Lavalley's pendant back at Gilles de Rais, who promptly swallowed it.



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