The only known arena was used during the reign of Charioce XVII for human entertainment.

History[edit | edit source]

"They are fighting for their lives."[1]

This particular arena was built at an unknown date (presumably after Charioce XVII took the throne) and was used for entertaining Charioce and his human subjects.

The arena was generally used for forcing strong demons into a fight against the death with one another. The humans jeered and cheered and threw money during and after the performance.

The dying demons and those already dead would be dealt with by members of the demon funeral home, Azazel and Mugaro. The latter usually administrated a kiss that gave the dying demons a painless death.

The Orleans Knights and Onyx Knights usually guarded the arena during battles. The demons themselves, like all demons captured by Charioce, wore collars powered by the divine green stone, which rendered them powerless.

Humans were also thrown into the arena if Charioce decided it. This included Favaro Leone, who was put through unusual trials for reasons unknown. Kaisar Lidfard, a former captain of the Orleans Knights, was forced to fight Azazel. The two were soon rescued by Favaro.

The arena is also notable for being the place where Charioce had what was presumably his first meeting with the leader of the gods, Gabriel. When Gabriel demanded for the return of the things Charioce stole from the gods as well as Jeanne d'Arc, Charioce insisted Gabriel needed to take them by force, leading Gabriel to declare war on humans.

Following Charioce's defeat of Bahamut, it is unknown if the arena is still be used. Since demons are now paid workers with better treatment, the arena may no longer be in operation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some fans consider the use the arena for entertainment as proof Charioce XVII had no higher purpose for enslaving the demons other than for his own amusement.

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