This carriage is owned by the god Bacchus.

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This carriage is one of many carriages that exist in the land of the gods. Like the other carriages, this one is also led by a hippogriff, which enables the carriage to fly in the air.

At some point, possibly when he defected from the other gods, Bacchus took this particular carriage down to the human land with him and has kept it ever since.The carriage mainly serves as Bacchus' base of operation and thus is a home to the god and his companion, Hamsa.

Most aspiring bounty hunters generally try to locate this "weird carriage" in order to offer their services to Bacchus and become an official bounty hunter. For Bacchus' allies, this carriage and its hippogriff are used to enable flight. It was used during Bahamut's revival and during Rita's infiltration of the labor camp and subsequent escape with two of the prisoners.

Said prisoners, Jeanne d'Arc and Nina Drango, also used it to ride on the Village Elder's back and fly to the land of the gods. El attempted to use Bacchus' carriage to return to the surface world but failed to identify the right one. He and Nina were taken out of the gods' land on Bacchus' carriage which survived the descent through a dangerous portal.

Nina had, shortly after arriving in Anatae, began residing in the carriage alongside Bacchus and Hamsa. She is the only known person to do so.

Description[edit | edit source]

The carriage contains a backdoor entrance that leads to a fairly large room. On either side are couches that can serve as beds and a green sofa opposite from the door. Due to Bacchus' love for wine, the carriage usually contains bottles of it.

There is a device inside that prints out wanted posters. Bacchus presumably keeps the cards of captured criminals inside the carriage.

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