The Black Bible is a sorcery book.

History[edit | edit source]

The Black Bible was discovered by Rita 200 years ago. Rita used the Black Bible's magic to resurrect the residents of Nebelville as zombies. As the user of the Bible, Rita could control the zombies to an extent.

After 200 years, Rita brought Kaisar Lidfard to Nebelville out of loneliness. Due to the fog surrounding Nebelville, Kaisar was tricked into seeing the town as it was before the residents were massacred. Throughout this time, Rita clutched the Bible whenever she went.

However, Favaro Leone sought the bounty put on the Black Bible and Rita herself and arrived at the town. He was able to dispel the illusion manipulating Kaisar using custom-made herbs. When the zombies turned on Rita and bit her, Favaro took this chance to destroy the Bible and capture the demonic spirit that arose from it.

The Bible was presumably the only means to control zombies, though Rita soon revealed that a particular staff could control zombies too.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The bounty hunter's bracer emits a red glow in the presence of the Black Bible, indicating the spirit residing in it was demonic in nature.

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