A Bounty Hunter's Bracer is a device used by bounty hunters to capture wanted individuals.

History[edit | edit source]

The Bounty Hunter's Bracers are distributed to the bounty hunters who serve under the god Bacchus, whose job is to watch over them. The bracers are generally worn on the left wrist. Through an incantation, the bracer can transform anyone in front of it into a card which is then delivered to Bacchus for the bounty reward. The target is killed upon transformation and they presumably can never return to normal.

The bracer's gem can detect demons, except for demon hybrids. The signal is given off by a red glow which emits from the gem. Covering the gem or the wearer simply not seeing its glow prevents the wearer from realizing what they're truly up against. Demon hybrids such as Amira can conceal their demonic origins simply by transforming into another species (an angel in Amira's case). The gem will only detect demon hybrids when they're in their demon forms.

Aside from Bacchus himself, Favaro Leone and Kaisar Lidfard have both worn a bracer at one point or another: Favaro currently wears a new one while Kaisar lost his left wrist - and the bracer itself - in his and Favaro's scheme to capture Gilles de Rais. Favaro had also given his apprentice, Nina Drango, a fake bracer. El briefly wore this bracer when he swapped clothes with Nina.

The bracers still function without needing to be worn by anyone. To disable it, one needs to destroy the gem itself which can be done through a well-aimed strike from a blade, as shown when Favaro broke his first bracer this way.

A bounty hunter must always wear a bracer to avoid being marked as an outlaw and hunted by guards.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Virgin Soul Episode 3, Bacchus told Nina her bracer was a fake by pointing out that only gods could wear a bounty hunter's bracer. This information contradicts the previous season since both Favaro and Kaisar wore functioning bracers.

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