A bounty hunter is a person who makes a living by collecting bounties. They serve the god Bacchus.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When someone wants to become a bounty hunter, they must pay a visit to the gods of bounty hunters, Bacchus and Hamsa. Bounty hunters are given a special bracer that enables them to capture (and effectively kill) targets. They must return with the captured target in order to receive a reward from Bacchus, who generally resides in a flying carriage.

The bounty themselves depends on the general demand for a person's capture. If many people want someone captured, they will likely have a bounty on their head and at a high price. The lack of any wanted individuals can put Bacchus out of business and prevent him from paying bounty hunters.

Removing or damaging the bracer equals losing one's position as a bounty hunter. According to Bacchus, the person will be rendered a mere outlaw who will be hunted down by the authorities during a job.

Although anyone can become a bounty hunter, most tend to be people in need of money or people who lack an alternative means to survive.

Known bounty hunters[edit | edit source]

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