The Celephales is a cargo ship captained by Amon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Celephales is first seen docked at a port in Ysmenport. Its condition is noticeably miserable, with torn sails and the fact that the weight of a mere bird was enough to crack off a piece of a stone statue.

Favaro Leone takes Amira to Ysmenport under the pretense of actually taking her to Helheim, but a shady man hears him mention Helheim and takes Favaro and Amira to the Celephales, promising that it will indeed take them to Helheim. After examining its state, Favaro isn't entirely convinced.

Favaro decides to board the ship once he realizes the captain is his father's old friend, Amon. By nightfall, the ship is attacked by the infamous Shipwrecker. Amira changes into her demon form to deal with the threat, but her transformation triggers Amon into telling Favaro of his own identity as a demon, having become one after making a deal with Azazel and betraying Barossa.

Amon intends to kill Favaro and sell Amira for the bounty on her head, but the Celephales gets intercepted by a pirate ship captained by Rita and her zombies. Amon still tries to kill Favaro but his efforts are stopped by the return of the Shipwrecker, who devours him.

Kaisar Lidfard, who arrived with Rita, intends to fight Favaro and claim the bounty on Favaro's head, but he and Amira get captured by Azazel and taken away. Recognizing the flying castle Gregor, Rita decides to chase after it using one of the lifeboats belonging to the Celephales. The Celephales itself is left near the middle of the ocean, abandoned along with the Dagonia.

Like Amon, the crew on board this ship were demons and/or fishmen. The crew were killed by Rita's zombies.

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