Charioce XIII's mother
Charioce XIII's mother.png
Kanji: シャリオス13世の母
Romaji: Shariosu 13-sei no haha
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Relatives: Charioce XIII (son)
Charioce XVII (grandson)
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Charioce XIII's mother (シャリオス13世の母, Shariosu 13-sei no haha) was the mother of the late king of Orleans, Charioce XIII.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Charioce XIII's mother is an elderly woman with grey hair. She wore an elegant royal dress.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nothing is known of her real personality, but it can be assumed that she was overbearing towards her son, who grew up desperately in need of her guidance and would cry out to her portrait when situations became stressful.

An illusion of Charioce XIII's mother showed protectiveness over her son's well being and warned him about Jeanne d'Arc, claiming the maiden wanted to rule the kingdom in Charioce's stead. It is unknown how much of the real Queen Mother's personality did the illusion retain.

Plot[edit | edit source]

King Charioce XIII kept a large portrait of his mother in his royal castle, to which he would often speak to during times of stress.

When Lord Michael rewarded Jeanne d'Arc's services with the divine sword Précieuse, Charioce XIII became upset and jealous since he felt only kings deserved an audience with the gods. He became even more bitter when Jeanne refused to accept lands as gifts and retire from the Orleans Knights. Charioce XIII poured himself a glass of wine and began speaking to his mother's portrait.

An apparition of Charioce XIII's mother (caused by the poisoned wine) appeared behind Charioce and embraced him, warning him that Jeanne was plotting to take his life and his throne. An illusion of Jeanne d'Arc appeared and charged at the king before disappearing. Charioce XIII's mother stated that Jeanne shall become the beacon of peace and prosperity of this land.

Charioce XIII refused to accept this. No longer in his mother's embrace, Charioce declared he would not allow Jeanne to replace him as he was the true king.

Martinet is seen watching the king from a distance, obscured by shadows and a hood, proving that the apparition was not truly the king's mother. Nevertheless, Charioce XIII was driven further into hating Jeanne when she supposedly slew his knights and sentenced her death as a witch. She survived when Martinet turned her into a demon using one of his concoctions.

When Bahamut was reawakened, the dragon fired a projectile at the royal castle, causing a fire to spread all throughout. Charioce XIII, terrified, pleaded to his mother's portrait, only for the large portrait to fall on top of him, killing him as flames engulfed the room.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Charioce XIII's mother bears a physical resemblance to Queen Mary I of England. Given that her words is what helped to convince her son that Jeanne d'Arc was a heretic, this resemblance might not be coincidental, as Queen Mary I was infamous for burning Protestants at the stake for being heretics.

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