This bracelet, worn by Charioce XVII, was used to control Dromos.


This bracelet was created alongside the ancient weapon Dromos many thousands of years ago, during a time before humans, angels and demons roamed Mistarcia.

Like Dromos, the bracelet was hidden away by the gods inside their temples. Charioce XVII discovered Dromos's existence and sought to use it to slay the soon-to-arrive Bahamut. The gods refused to surrender the weapon willingly, so Charioce VII used force to raid temples and steal all of Dromos's parts along with the bracelet.

Charioce XVII wore the bracelet on his left wrist, knowing that once he had put it on, he could not take it off without dying. Charioce XVII used the bracelet in his war against the gods, and the use of the bracelet to control Dromos was observed by Rita and her allies.

Kaisar Lidfard, after escaping captivity from Charioce XVII, decided he and his gang needed to steal the bracelet from Charioce XVII so the King could no longer use Dromos, which he personally saw as the root of all evil in Charioce XVII's reign. The plot itself was devised by Rita while Kaisar recruited the participants.

The plot however, was botched by Nina Drango who refused to do her part in favor of spending quality time with Charioce XVII. Favaro Leone still intended to complete his part in the plot and demanded the King surrender his bracelet while holding the King at gun point. When Charioce XVII revealed the cost of taking off the bracelet, Nina intervened, forcing Favaro to abort the mission and flee with the rest of the gang.

Charioce XVII went on to use the bracelet in his confrontation with Bahamut. Nina assisted him and the two fired Dromos together, seemingly killing the dragon. The bracelet disintegrated, rendering Dromos inoperable.


  • The Slave owner recognized Charioce when he saw the bracelet.



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