Con Man
Con Man 1
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Anime Debut: Episode 4
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This Con Man resides in Ysmenport.


The con man was a short, dark-skinned individual who walked with a slight hunch.


The con man was deceitful and cared only about getting money from those silly enough to trust him. His choice to lead those he coned onto dangerous ships may indicate a desire to get his victims killed.


Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

This con man stationed himself in Ysmenport and made himself familiar with the ships docked there. He tried intercepting visitors who wished to travel somewhere and would instruct them to get on board dangerous ships.

When he heard Favaro Leone mention Helheim, he informed Favaro that he knew a ship that could take Favaro and Favaro's companion to Helheim. He led them to the docks and directed them to the Celephales, which he likely knew was a ship run by demons and/or fishmen. By coincidence, Favaro recognized the captain, Amon, and decided to board the ship.

The con man later encountered Kaisar Lidfard, who was hunting down Favaro. The con man instructed Kaisar and Kaisar's companion to board the Dagonia, which he likely knew was a pirate ship.

All four individuals paid the con man a silver coin for his services. By nightfall, the con man expressed delight in having coned "four suckers" that day. A large man bumped into him and the con man became furious, only for the large man - Bacchus - to reflexively punch him in the face. The god's might was enough to knock the con man out cold.


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