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Cygames, Inc. is a video game development studio established in 2011 by CyberAgent, a Japanese web services company. In 2012, DeNA purchased a 24% stake in Cygames. Shortly thereafter, the studio was chosen by Gamasutra as one of the top 10 game developers of the year.

In 2017, Cygames founded its esports team, Cygames Beast, with Street Fighter players Daigo Umehara, Snake Eyez, and PR Balrog. Since July 2017, Cygames is an official sponsor of Juventus Football Club.


  • Rage of Bahamut (Feb 21, 2012 – Feb 29, 2016) closed
  • Granblue Fantasy (2014)
  • Shadowverse (2016)
  • Anubis: Zone of the Enders -- MARS (2018)

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