The Dagonia is a pirate ship.


In his pursuit of Favaro Leone, Kaisar Lidfard goes to Ysmenport with Rita. His desperate search for something (or someone) draws in the attention of a small shady guy who offers to help him, by directing Kaisar to board the Dagonia.

The Dagonia sets sail with Kaisar and Rita. By nightfall, the crew reveal themselves to be pirates who intended to sell Kaisar and Rita and steal all their belongings. To their misfortune, Kaisar is easily able to defeat the pirates with a sword.

The captain of the pirates takes Rita hostage in an attempt to defeat Kaisar, but Kaisar warns him that the captain is more in danger than Kaisar is. Before the captain can respond, Rita bites the captain's arm and every other crew member, turning them all into zombies she can control with her magical staff.

Rita instructs her zombies to go after the Celephales, a cargo ship Favaro is currently on board. The Dagonia crashes into the Celephales, leading the former's crew to attack and kill the latter's crew.

Kaisar switches ship and attacks Favaro, but he and Favaro's companion Amira are soon captured by the flying castle Gregor. Their capture drives Favaro and Rita to steal a lifeboat from the Celephales and find a way to intercept Gregor.

The Dagonia is subsequently abandoned at sea.


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