The Demon Division is an army of demon slaves created by Charioce XVII.

History[edit | edit source]

Charioce XVII uses the thousands of demons he kidnapped from Cocytus to support and entertain his realm. The demons known for their strength are generally sent to the arena, where they are forced to fight their own kind to the death.

The demons who survive numerous battles tend to earn recognition for their might. These demons are selected to join the Demon Division. This division is tasked with fighting on the front lines, ahead of the Orleans Knights and the Onyx Task Force. Their lives are not valued much given that one member believed that by placing the Demon Division at the front, Charioce's army kept their human soldiers safe.

The Demon Division are shown participating in Charioce XVII's war with the gods. When the gods come too close to the king's location, the Demon Division are ordered to defend the king by charging at the gods.

It is presumed that the Demon Division was wiped out during the war, since their strongest member was killed by a single projectile.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

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