Dragon Assassin
Status: Deceased
Gender: Unknown
Race: Dragon Folk
Affiliations: Onyx Task Force Captain
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 20
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The Dragon Assassin was a member of the Dragon folks who was hired by the Onyx Task Force to assassinate Nina Drango, a fellow Dragon folk.



The Dragon Assassin appeared determined to fulfill its mission and attacked anyone who got in the way. It did not appear to retain any form of intellect.


The Onyx Task Force Captain felt that his majesty King Charioce XVII was becoming distracted from his mission by the presence of Nina Drango. To remedy this, the Captain hired the Dragon Assassin to assassinate Nina on the false pretense that the King had given the order out himself.

The Dragon Assassin, in its transformed state, easily overpowered Nina's dragon form. Before he could kill her, Nina's friends arrived at the scene. Sofiel and Azazel fought against the Dragon Assassin and defeated it.

Power & Abilities

  • Dragon Shifting: Due to its lineage, the Dragon Assassin could morph between a human form and a dragon form, though it only ever showed its dragon form.


  • [[Gods/Angels|Gods: The Dragon Assassin was severely outmatched by the powers of Sofiel, who was assisted somewhat by Azazel.


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