The Dragonfolk Village is a home to many dragon folks.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This unnamed Eastern village exists outside the main city and relies on agriculture to survive. The villagers are generally poor but manage through combined hard work and the occasional sending of a villager to the city to find jobs, as in the case with Nina Drango.

The villagers lived in peace until Bahamut's revival and Bahamut's subsequent attack on all nearby areas. This village caught fire as a result of one of Bahamut's fire blasts. Nina's father had attempted to rescue survivors before the burning village blew up.

The survivors rebuilt the village and within 10 years, everyone was living peacefully again.

While the majority of the residents are dragon folk, humans can marry into the family and become a part of the village, such as the case with Nina's mother. The village is led by the Village Elder, a dragonfolk aged at least 2,000 years.

Jeanne d'Arc and Favaro Leone are the only known outsiders to pay this village a visit.

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