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Ancient Forest Dragon1

The Ancient Forest Dragon

Dragons are a minor race in Mistarcia.


The origin of dragons is never stated, but they are clearly very ancient. The two known full-blooded dragons appear to be immortal and do not age. While one is capable of thought, another is essentially a wild beast.

Lesser dragons appear to have been tamed by demons and humans. These dragons are much smaller and are used for transportation.

Physical Appearance

Dragons are large, reptilian creatures that have large, bat-like wings and a long tail. Each dragon has its own unique color.

Where do they live?

It is unknown where the dragons originated. The Ancient Forest Dragon currently resides in another dimension. Lesser dragons who have been tamed reside with their respective owners.

Dragon Folk

Dragon folk are the result of humans mating with dragons. All dragon folk possess the ability to transform into a dragon and back into a human at will. Their human form gains a few additions that can be brought forth at will too, such as their wings.

There is a village known for housing hundreds of dragon folk.

Abilities and Powers

Because of their large size, dragons are formidable opponents that can cause large scale damages using energy blasts shot from their mouths. They can fly at high speed despite their size and also possess a devastating might, able to crush anything smaller.

Even dragon folk possess super strength outside of their dragon form. One dragon folk possessed super speed in addition to enhanced strength.


Dragons themselves can be harmed by their own body parts or other dragons. The ancient weapon Dromos can harm them as well. So far, no method of killing a dragon has been revealed,

Dragon folk possess less endurance than full-blooded dragons and may struggle to control their dragon transformation if dealing with past trauma.

Known Dragons


Dragon Folk


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