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Ten years after his defeat at the hands of Favaro Leone, the dragon Bahamut returns in Eibos. This event was predicted by Gilles de Rais sometime ago, and this information was found and handed to Charioce XVII. Believing himself to be destined to slay Bahamut since Bahamut had killed his mother, Charioce steals Dromos from the gods in preparation for the dragon's return.

No one aside from Charioce XVII, the Onyx Knights and Chabrol are aware of Bahamut's impending arrival. The secret is kept for reasons unknown. Those who fought against the dragon before, such as the gods, demons and Favaro, are subjugated by Charioce's tyranny during the ten years it takes for Bahamut to return.

Enraged by his actions so far, Favaro and Nina Drango intend to slay the King by stealing his bracelet, used to control Dromos. Chabrol convinces them to spare Charioce by revealing to them Charioce's secret plan of killing Bahamut using Dromos. Fortunately for Charioce, Favaro and Nina let him go and journey to Eibos themselves.

Bahamut returns soon after, but Charioce and the Onyx Knights must confront Jeanne d'Arc and Azazel and their respective armies (comprised of gods, demons and humans) at Eibos first. The two swiftly wipe out the Onyx Knights while Bahamut roars in the background.

When Kaisar's death causes Jeanne and Azazel to stop fighting, Charioce XVII lures Bahamut back towards Anatae where Dromos is. Jeanne and Azazel presumably remain in Eibos for a time while their followers go to assist Charioce by protecting Anatae.

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