This ocarina belonged to El/Mugaro.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, Azazel obtained this ocarina and gifted it to his mute companion, Mugaro. Mugaro would play it on occasion and the object appeared to symbolize his bond with Azazel.

Mugaro kept the ocarina on his person at all times. When the gods took him to their land and reverted his form back to his original divine one, Mugaro - now known as El - still had the ocarina in his possession.

He would keep it with him up until his death at the hands of Alessand Visponti. While saying goodbye to Azazel, El held onto the ocarina and was still holding it when Alessand approached him and fatally stabbed him. El dropped the ocarina and began bleeding to death on the ground. The ocarina was presumably left behind when Favaro Leone carried El off in a fruitless attempt to save El's life.

The ocarina returned to Azazel afterwards. Following Bahamut's defeat, Azazel visited El's grave and placed the ocarina upon it as a parting gift next to El's toy. El's mother Jeanne thanked him for doing so.

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