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Episode 1

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After the epic battle against Bahamut who was sealed the story jumps forward two thousand years later to an era of overall peace. A long battle and chase that span across the town of Wytearp ends when Favaro Leone the bounty hunter escapes the grasp of Kaisar Lidfald, a disgraced knight who suffered humiliation by Favaro. After successfully tracking down and killing a criminal who summons demons, Favaro collects his bounty and celebrates at the local town's tavern. While Favaro brags about his feats, a mysterious woman overhears him boasting about knowing how to get to Helheim quickly. She then confronts Favaro outside and demands directions to Helheim. The discussion is cut short when the criminal's younger brother appears. Favaro underestimates the brother's summoned demon and is overwhelmed only to be saved by the mysterious woman who reveals powers that like a demon. She easily overwhelms the demon while Favaro takes out the brother criminal. Busy gloating Favaro is caught in the way of debris and he passes out as the demon woman draws closer, appearing to kiss him. Favaro then awakens at an inn, thinking it all a dream only to find himself suddenly declared a "demon" and he has grown a tail. 
Favaro Leone travels the land, collecting bounties while avoiding a rival bounty hunter. But his life changes when he encounters a mysterious girl from the sky...
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