Gabriel's ship was a divine weapon.

History[edit | edit source]

After Charioce XVII refused to negotiate peacefully, Gabriel amassed an army of thousands of gods/angels in preparation for going to war with Charioce XVII. Gabriel was confident that the gods would win since they now had El at their side, who possessed the ability to disable the magical green stones used to power Charioce XVII's army.

Gabriel herself boarded a massive structure that contained many gods/angels, including Sofiel. El was to pilot the ship himself and lead the assault on Charioce XVII's army.

The arrival of the ship signaled the beginning of the war.

Charioce XVII sent many green stone-powered ships of his own at Gabriel's vessel. El activated his ability and with the vessel's amplifying quality, Charioce XVII's ships collapsed and fell apart.

In response, Charioce XVII summoned his secret weapon Dromos. Gabriel immediately ordered the gods fighting outside to retreat and told El as well, but none of them obeyed her command due to sheer confidence. Dromos was fired and Gabriel's ship was obliterated.

All but Gabriel, Sofiel and El died from the impact on the ship. El was knocked unconscious while Gabriel and Sofiel were visibly injured. El's absence from the battle enabled the Onyx Knights to slay the remaining gods fighting outside.

Gabriel and Sofiel returned to their land, with the intent of making El obey them again so they could continue the war.

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