Gregor was a flying castle belonging to Azazel.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Azazel owned Gregor and used it for traveling in the human world.

When Lucifer ordered him to find out about the stolen God Key, Azazel boarded Gregor and entered the human realm in search of the thief - Amira - and keep an eye on her. Cerberus accompanied him, along with Pazuzu, and the trio relied on Cerberus's handpuppets to locate Amira.

Although ordered to simply find out about the person behind the theft, Azazel eventually decided to capture Amira along with Kaisar. His castle then flew towards Sword Valley with the intent of returning to Cocytus with the captives, but Gregor was infiltrated by Favaro and Rita and later attacked by the Orleans Knights.

To complete his mission, Azazel tried to take at least Amira (and the God Key) back to Cocytus with him, but a magical barrier placed upon Amira for protection activated and knocked Azazel away. Identifying the magic as belonging to Belzebuth, Azazel chose to abandon Gregor and return to Cocytus without the Key, so he could report his discovery to Lucifer.

Favaro and Kaisar defeated Pazuzu, who successfully fled from Gregor along with Cerberus. It is unknown if the butler on board made it out as well.

Amira, Favaro, Kaisar and Rita escaped Gregor right before Jeanne d'Arc severely damaged it with her holy spear Maltet. Gregor crashed into the surface, while the Orleans Knights captured Amira and her friends and took them back to the royal castle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gregor is the only flying castle to be given a name.

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