A hybrid is a person born to parents of different races.


Hybrids are the result of two people from different races or species conceiving a child together. The result is usually a child with characteristics from both species.

Because of this, hybrids can gain advantages neither of their parents possess or may gain disadvantages instead. A good example of an advantage is the half-angel/half-demon Amira being able to enter holy ground and use divine magic while a pure-blood demon cannot. An example of a disadvantage is the half-dragon Nina being physically weaker than a pure-blooded dragon due to her human blood.

There is no official rule against hybrids, although gods view half-demons unfavorably due to their ability to transform into a demon at will, an ability they call "forbidden." Gods are more accepting towards half-humans as seen with their treatment of El. Nina grew up in a dragon folk village that accepts humans. She was mocked for her hybrid status by dragon folk outside of her village, however.

Amira and Nina's hybrid status is not noticeable at first glance due to their ability to transform. El was born with a pair of wings that would've given off his status as a half-angel, though he was successfully disguised to look like a demon and fool everyone around him, including an actual demon.

Known HybridsEdit


  • El is the only male hybrid introduced and the only hybrid deceased.
  • All three known hybrids are currently below the age of 20.


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