Jeanne d'Arc owned a house.

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When Charioce XVII ascended the throne, Jeanne's loyalty to the gods led her to be banished from the royal castle and forced to live on a farm. The house she lived in existed on the outskirts of the capital city Anatae.

Jeanne struggled to survive in this poor condition. Food did not grow well and the house contained few luxuries. It's most unique item was a portrait of Michael, which Jeanne prayed to regularly. During a praying session, Jeanne's stomach began to swell and she gave birth to a half-angel child.

The child was a gift from Michael, and Jeanne promptly named him "El". El made life easier for Jeanne by helping her grow and find food to eat, and his presence rid Jeanne of any loneliness she was feeling.

Mother and son lived in harmony for approximately five years before the angel Sofiel ended up at Jeanne's doorstep on a rainy night, being hunted down by Charioce XVII's Onyx Knights. Jeanne brought the unconscious Sofiel into her home and tried to care for her, but the Onyx Knights arrived soon after and attacked Jeanne and demanded to know where the angel went.

To protect his mother, El activated his power and disabled the knight's green stone. El's ability to do so made him a target of the Onyx Knights and Jeanne was forced to run away from the house, leaving Sofiel - who was hiding in the closet - to escape on her own.

Two years after abandoning the house, Jeanne returned in order to bury her son next to it. As a parting gift, Jeanne placed El's toy upon El's grave. She then went to live in the Land of the gods.

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