The labor camp was a prison built and used by Charioce XVII for human enemies.

History[edit | edit source]

"An impregnable and inescapable underground dungeon."
— A female officer[1]

The labor camp was built on a small island with most of it existing underground. It was heavily guarded and the prisoners were separated by gender. The prisoners were underfed, virtually starved and forced to mine the rocks for reasons unclear.

There was a schedule for breaks and eating and a set time when all the prisoners must return to their cells. All prisoners wore rags and their conversations were usually monitored. No one had managed to escape from the prison prior to its appearance.

Unknown to the prisoners and possibly the prison guards themselves, the ancient weapon Dromos which Charioce XVII had stolen from the gods was hidden underneath the labor camp. After provoking Gabriel to go to war with him, Charioce gave Jeanne a chance to pledge his loyalty to him. In exchange, neither the gods nor Mugaro will die and needless blood will not be spilled. When Jeanne asks how Charioce XVII can guarantee his promise to her, he states that her choice will save a number of lives. But Jeanne refuses, stating that she "cannot betray the gods nor the people who believe in me". Charioce prepared to summon Dromos in order to defeat and hopefully kill all the gods.

Rita had infiltrated the prison shortly before the war began and was able to rescue four of her allies. Dromos was used to destroy Gabriel's ship, knocking El out. El's absence from the war gave the Onyx Task Force the chance to slay hundreds of gods.

Once Charioce had won the war, Rita and her allies tried to flee from the Onyx Task Force and Orleans Knights. Rita was able to carry Jeanne and Nina away on Bacchus's carriage, but with Favaro missing, Kaisar chose to stay behind and act as bait. He was promptly arrested and sent to the arena.

The labor camp's destruction did not bother Charioce XVII at all and he cared little for the runaway prisoners. In fact, he would go on to fall in love with Nina Drango soon after.

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  • There was no prison made for demons or gods exclusively, since Charioce XVII preferred to murder them than capture them. Azazel is the sole exception to this.

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