Livian is an average town.

History[edit | edit source]

After being coerced by Amira to assist her on her journey to Helheim, Favaro Leone takes a stop at this city in hopes of collecting a bounty. He journeys into Livian to confront a goat-headed monster that is pretending to be a decapitated head hung on a wall inside a house. Being a dangerous target, Favaro struggles with the monster though Amira, in her demon form, easily kills it.

Favaro proceeds with collecting the bounty reward straight from Bacchus. Afterwards, Favaro and Amira spend sometime in Livian where Amira enjoys dancing and food. Favaro is still intent on freeing himself from her by killing her, and ends up relying on the recently-arrived Orleans Knights to do the task for him.

Favaro backs out after realizing he actually cares for Amira now, and assists her in escaping from the Knights.[1]

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