Lucifer owned a flying castle.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Lucifer boards his flying castle and leads an army of demons in a war with Charioce XVII. The arrival of his castle sparks cheers from demons who see it.

Lucifer is perched on his throne with Azazel by his side. Azazel soon departs to initiate attacks against Charioce XVII's knights and Golems. Lucifer himself stays on board to read his book.

The castle captures a Golem during the conflict. In response, another Golem throws a spear at the castle, causing a violent explosion that tilts the castle sideways. Lucifer is unaffected by this. Azazel destroys the Golem responsible for the damage.

Charioce XVII makes his entrance by destroying the flying castle with a green stone-powered blast. Lucifer survives and is able to participate in forming a shield around Anatae against Bahamut.

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