Maltet is a holy spear.


Maltel was a gift given to Jeanne d'Arc by Michael after she was chosen as a vessel for the gods. Armed with this spear, Jeanne was able to utilize Michael's power and use it to defeat and kill formidable opponents, such as the demons Pazuzu and Azazel.

The Maltet emits a bright golden light when used, both when firing projectiles and during charge attacks, with the apparition of Michael appearing every time. Jeanne is also able to recall Maltet to her hand from any distance. When not in use, Jeanne carries the Maltet on her back.

After Jeanne succeeded in defending the royal castle from demons, Michael rewarded her with a more powerful weapon, the Précieuse.

According to Jeanne, the strength of Maltet's wielder is irrelevant as it contains Michael's power, though the Maltet became "just a piece of steel" after Jeanne lost the gods's protection as punishment for slaying Michael himself.

The current whereabouts of the Maltet are unknown.



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