A Marginal Golem is a special type of golem.


The royal Marginal family were granted protection by the gods in the form of "special golems" that could be controlled using a specific wand. These golems were kept in a cave underneath a volcano.

Violet sought after these golems and with the help of Roxanne, she orchestrated events that led Cyrano Marginal to fall into a coma. She then pursued Cyrano's son Jail and locked him in the royal castle's dungeons.

Violet took Roxanne to the volcano and encouraged him to try and control the golems using the wand. Roxanne was overjoyed to learn that he could. However, Favaro Leone and Kaisar Lidfard, who had been interfering with Violet's plans for sometime, followed the pair into the cave along with Jail.

Kaisar killed Roxanne while Jail took control of the golems, turning the most powerful one against Violet. Kaisar ultimately slew the woman before she could retaliate. Soon after, the ceiling began to crumble and the fate of the golems remains unclear.


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