Demonic Eyes - Amira

Demonic Transformation is a rare and powerful ability.


The first beings to become demons were the Gods/Angels who rebelled against Heaven. In the battle that ensued, the rebels were defeated and cast into the fires of Hell, from which they were reborn as demons.

These demons became one of the three major races of Mistarcia and began co-existing with humans and gods, residing mainly in Cocytus.


Half-demons possess the ability transform into a demon at will. The gods refer to this as a forbidden power and publicly shun hybrids for it. The only known demon hybrid was Amira, an artificially created half-angel/half-demon.


Martinet's concoction

Martinet's concoction

Martinet was infamous for creating a concoction that could turn regular humans into demons. These demons were loyal to Martinet's cause and lacked their original kind hearts, disregarding former friends and allies upon transformation.

Martinet used this potion to turn Jeanne d'Arc and Favaro Leone into demons. Both of them were cured using an antidote created by Rita.



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