Nebelville is a small town surrounded by a heavy fog. Two hundred years ago, in an event known as the Nebelville Massacre, monsters raided the town and killed all of the residents except for the town doctor's daughter, Rita.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nebelville is a fog-submerged town that resided near a forest filled with trolls. These monsters were said to arrive at dawn and ravage the fields, eat the livestock and devour the children. The situation escalated to the point where, during a massacre, only Rita survived. 

Using a book known as the Black Bible, Rita was able to reanimate the residents though none of them retained their former personalities, becoming a little more than flesh eating zombies that obeyed Rita's commands. After 200 years, Rita dragged the former knight Kaisar Lidfard to the town, where she bandaged his arm so he would not realize the truth. The fog also infected Kaisar's mind, making him see the town as it was prior to the massacre.

When the town's doctor asked for Kaisar's help in liberating the town of the neighboring monsters, Kaisar promised to fulfill this task until the first monster he fought with turned out to be Favaro Leone. Because of the fog, Favaro had taken the form of a monster but once he gave Kaisar a special herb, Kaisar's senses were freed from the illusion.

Rita promptly used the Bible to force Favaro and Amira into a fight with her zombies.

Kaisar pursued her and witnessed Rita's apparent death when her undead mother bit into her neck. Favaro then destroyed the Black Bible and used his Bounty Hunter's Bracer on the dark spirit that emerged from the Bible, as it was this spirit Favaro had been after. The destruction of the Black Bible eliminated the zombies of Nebelville.

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