Nicole hold by Martinet2
Kanji: ニコール
Romaji: Nikōru
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Relatives: Amira (daughter)
Anime Debut: Episode 8
Seiyuu: Shimizu Risa
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Nicole (ニコール, Nikōru) is an angel and the "mother" of Amira.


Nicole is very similar to Amira, except for her angelic wings and her drill hairstyle.


Little of Nicole's personality was revealed due to the extensive torture she had suffered at the hands of Belzebuth, which rendered her incapable of anything more than screaming in terror. When Amira finally embraced her, Nicole recovered but gave Amira a cold glance as she disintegrated into nothingness, possibly proving Martinet's statement that Nicole hates her "more than anything in the world".(though the expression was more neutral so it can be interpreted differently.)


Nicole was kidnapped and tortured by Belzebuth in order to use both his and her essence to create a hybrid named Amira. Nicole was then imprisoned inside a crystal at Helheim. Through false memories fed to her through a pendant, Amira was convinced that she had a loving mother with whom she must reunite, and promptly stole the God Key as it would assist her in finding Nicole at Helheim.

Lavalley later informed Amira that he had been a knight serving under Nicole. Nicole had been banished from Heaven and the knights were tasked with protecting Nicole and her baby from demon hordes. When Amira was taken away by demons, Nicole made the decision to rescue her on her own.

As the gods had already informed Amira that Helheim was the home of the Demon Key (which Amira must avoid or else revive Bahamut), Lavalley created a map for Amira which pointed towards Nicole's "real" location and promised her that Nicole - who possessed an unusual power - could remove the God Key from Amira.

When Amira finally arrived at Nicole's location, she was horrified to learn that she had walked right into Helheim. Martinet revealed Nicole to her and freed her from her crystal prison. Upon seeing her "daughter", Nicole began screaming and unleashed a powerful shockwave. Amira, hoping her mother would accept her and recognize her, breached the energy ball emitting from Nicole and embraced her.

Nicole recovered, but could only utter Amira's name before she faded into nothingness. As Favaro predicted, Nicole herself was a trap used to cause Amira great suffering. Amira cried out in despair and this triggered the nearby Demon Key to merge into her.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Nicole was presumably weaker than Belzebuth and Martinet, as she was unable to defend herself against them. The only display of power she showed was a shockwave that knocked mere humans aside.


  • Nicole is the first angel to have a child, the second being Michael.
  • Nicole is shown utilizing blue magic (which is exclusive to demons or humans who are summoning demons). As an angel, Nicole's magic should have been round and golden in color.


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