Nina Drango uses a whip as her primary weapon.

History[edit | edit source]

While training under Favaro Leone in order to become a bounty hunter, Nina learned how to use this whip along with Favaro's crossbow. She was presumably given the whip as a gift, which she keeps in a back pocket.

When Nina decided to begin a career as a bounty hunter, she traveled to Anatae and met with Bacchus, the god of bounty hunters. Bacchus gave Nina the only bounty left: the Ragged Demon's bounty.

Nina used this whip in her attempt to capture the Ragged Demon, though she failed to adequately use it. The whip became tied up and Nina tried to free it. Anxious by the presence of Kaisar Lidfard, Nina accidentally sent one end of the whip into Kaisar's face and knocked him off his horse.

This led Alessand Visponti to assume she was the Ragged Demon's ally and the Orleans Knights proceeded to hunt and attempt to kill her.

After meeting Rita and learning who the Ragged Demon was, Nina decided not to capture the Ragged Demon anymore. She began relying on her super strength to earn money instead.

Nina used the whip once more when she went to confront Charioce XVII over the murder of El. She used the whip to knock down a couple of Onyx Knights in order to reach the king.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since Nina's clothes are always destroyed when she transforms into a dragon, it is possible that Nina is forced to replace her whip afterwards, since the whip is kept in her back pocket.

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