Kanji: オーディン
Romaji: Ōdin
Status: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: God
Affiliations: Zeus
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Odin (オーディン, Ōdin) is a powerful god that helped Zeus in his fight against Bahamut to stop it from destroying the world.


Odin is a giant man with silver long hair and pointy ears, wearing a black armor. He's always seen with a giant six-legged black horse and holding his spear Gungnir.


Odin proved to be a brave warrior in his short appearance. He charged towards and fought against the mighty Bahamut while many chose to flee.


2,000 years ago, Odin joined Zeus and Satan in confronting the mighty Bahamut and they fought against the dragon at Abos. He was summoned to the battlefield by Zeus and assisted the latter in attacking Bahamut.

What became of Odin after the war is unknown.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Odin was a deity of incredible magnitude. In the fight with Bahamut, he was the only god alongside Zeus and Satan who did not attempt to flee. Odin exhibited immense power when unleashing upon Bahamut. This was to the point where he with the help of Zeus and Satan could stop the beast Bahamut temporarily.


  • Gungnir: Also known as the "Spear of Twilight", Gugnir is the weapon used by Odin in battle. It's able to unleash powerful beams of energy towards Odin's enemies that can even damage being as poweful as Bahamut.


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