The Orleans Knights are the knights who serve and protect the King and his capital, Anatae.


The Orleans Knights are warriors of the King who serve to protect the royal castle, the royal family and the capital city. They wear bright armor and wield spears and swords and carry shields. They also carry flags with them during expeditions, to symbolize their loyal to the King of Anatae.

Through the Maiden of Orleans, Jeanne d'Arc, the Orleans Knights were assisted in their tasks by the gods, to whom they also swore loyalty.

When Charioce XVII ascended the throne, the Orleans Knights were replaced in terms of importance by the Onyx Task Force, though they remained loyal to the King and served him dutifully. Because of Charioce XVII's personal distaste for the gods, Jeanne d'Arc was stripped of her position and banished from the royal capital.

Two years later, Alessand Visponti sought to claim a position among the Onyx Task Force and murdered the Task Force's greatest threat, El, in order to prove himself. Alessand was offered a position, but he backed out once he realized the cost of joining the Onyx Knights. The Onyx Task Force Captain offered him instead the position of Captain of the Orleans Knights, which Alessand accepted.

Alessand, for the murder of El, was hunted down by Dias Bardolomew. Alessand fled from Dias only to encounter a demon child he had tried to kill. The demon child killed Alessand out of fear. The position of Captain of the Orleans Knights was handed over to Dias, following the conclusion of the battle with Bahamut. By this point, the Onyx Task Force have outlived their purpose.

Known members

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