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Painter 1.png
Kanji: 絵描き
Romaji: ekaki
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliations: Charioce XVII (presumably)
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 1
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This Painter works in the capital city Anatae.


This man has chin-length dark hair, bright-colored eyes and tan skin. He wears a pair of large glasses.


He is usually friendly with the people around him. He has also adapted to the times and accepts that there are demons being forced to work for the humans in the city. He does not consider demons to be people, however.


Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul[]

This man is tasked with painting a giant picture depicting Charioce XVII and Bahamut, as a reminder of the King's greatness and how he alone restored mankind to prosperity following Bahamut's revival.

He encounters the cheery Nina when he decides to ask for her help in moving his tall (and presumably heavy) ladder. He is shocked by how casually Nina carries his ladder but doesn't think much of it afterwards.

When Nina asks about the dragon in his painting, he tells her it's Bahamut and goes on to explain the meaning behind the artwork. When a group of slave demons pass by, the man encourages Nina not to think too much about them.


  • He is the first person in the series to make Nina blush anxiously.