The Précieuse is a divine weapon given to Jeanne d'Arc by Michael.


The archangel Michael gave the Précieuse to Jeanne as a reward for her services. Jeanne was to use this sword to cut down demons and the enemies of the gods, replacing her previous weapon the Maltet. However, Charioce XIII became envious that Jeanne was the one to receive such a blessing and not him. Driven further into paranoia by Martinet, Charioce XIII ordered for Jeanna's execution.

As Jeanne was being burned at the stake, Martinet convinced her that the gods had abandoned her. He offered Jeanne a chance to get her revenge and Jeanne agreed. The demon transformed Jeanne into another demon, allowing her to escape her execution and travel to the battlefield.

Using the Précieuse, Jeanne swiftly killed Raphael and Uriel. She also stabbed Michael, right before Michael gave her the antidote that turned Jeanne back to normal. Michael died soon after, possibly taking the sword with him.



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