Prison officers were the guards who worked at the labor camp.

History[edit | edit source]

The only known prison officers were the ones at the labor camp, an underground prison built on Charioce XVII's orders to contain his human enemies. These prison officers were tasked with supervising the prisoners and the prisoners' daily schedule. They immediately tried to apprehend anyone who attempted an escape.

They also maintained the security of the labor camp itself. They stood guard for any intruders or suspicious activity.

A female prison officer

Since the labor camp was divided into two genders, male prison officers watched over the male prisoners while female prison officers watched over the female prisoners. The ones guarding the entrance however, tended to be male. They all wore matching outfits though only some individuals, likely the wardens, carried keys to cells.

Like all of Charioce XVII's subordinates, these prison officers were loyal to Charioce XVII. It is unknown why they serve him and they most likely do not know of his secret plan. It is also unknown if the prison officers were aware that Dromos, an ancient weapon of mass-destruction, was being reconstructed right underneath the labor camp.

Most of the prison officers were killed when Dromos was brought to the surface.

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