Kanji: リドワン
Romaji: Ridowan
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 15
Seiyuu: Hisako Kanemoto
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Ridwan (リドワン, Ridowan) is an angel.


Ridwan is a young female angel with blond hair and purple eyes. She wears blue marine glasses and a white and blue dress with black leggings.


Ridwan holds a deep resentment towards humans for their mistreatment of the gods, partly blaming them for the many lives that have been lost in the past ten years. She is sad that humans choose to purge them instead of thanking them for sacrificing themselves during times of crisis. Her resentment is not so strong however, that she would refuse to assist Jeanne in reuniting with her son El.


Ridwan, along with many lesser angels, guards a place in the land of the gods. When she discovers Nina Drango and Jeanne d'Arc there, she attacks them and demands to know who they are. When Jeanne informs them that she is in search of her son El, Ridwan agrees to escort them, but first she takes them to a structure that is filled with beautiful lights.

She sadly informs the pair that each light represents an angel who died in battle. Ridwan explains that many angels were lost during the fight against Bahamut ten years ago, and that the battle was won due to the sacrifice of the gods, yet humans have decided to purge the world of gods and angels instead of thanking them.

Ridwan tearfully adds that more angels have died recently, leaving the area void of life. Jeanne apologizes profusely, while Nina is unable to comprehend the cruel actions of Charioce XVII, the man responsible for trying to get rid of the gods.

When Bahamut returns, Ridwan assists in forming a shield against Bahamut with her fellow gods. 

Powers & Abilities

Ridwan wields a spear that is considerably dangerous. Her other abilities were not shown due to Jeanne's unwillingness to fight her. 

In Lore

Ridwan is an angel who in charge of maintaining Heaven's Door in Islam.


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