Rita created antidotes to counteract Martinet's concoctions.

History[edit | edit source]

While wandering around the royal castle, Rita stumbled into Martinet's secret room and discovered many potions and spell books. She stole some samples and used them to create antidotes that could counteract Martinet's concoction, which had turned both Jeanne d'Arc and Favaro Leone into mind-controlled demons.

Rita made only two and gave one to Kaisar to use on Favaro. She tried to throw one into Jeanne's mouth but the antidote (the last one) bounced off of Hamsa's body while Hamsa was helping Bacchus fight the god-slaying Jeanne.

Michael retrieved the antidote and rescued Rita, Bacchus and Hamsa before Jeanne could harm them. He was impaled with the Précieuse, but he used this opportunity to embrace Jeanne from behind, take the antidote into his mouth, and force feed it to Jeanne through a kiss. Rita, Bacchus and Hamsa watched Jeanne turn back to normal.

Kaisar inserted the antidote intended for Favaro into Favaro's own crossbow. He fired at Favaro, knocking the demon unconscious. When Favaro woke up, no one but Kaisar was aware Favaro had returned to normal. Favaro used this opportunity to trick Martinet (aka Gilles de Rais) into letting his guard down so Favaro could capture the sorcerer using Kaisar's Bounty Hunter's Bracer.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rita deduced that Martinet wasn't a real demon when she realized she could counteract his concoctions. Her theory was later proven true.
  • Martinet himself is the only known person to consume his concoction and not receive the antidote.

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