Rita owns a clinic.

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime after the defeat of Bahamut at Favaro's hands, Rita became a doctor and established her own business inside a clinic located in the capital city Anatae.

Despite the hunt and abuse of demons and angels, Rita treats anyone regardless of race. She has been known to go to the slums and treat patients there personally. She is assisted by her companion Rocky, the zombified left hand of Kaisar.

The clinic is first shown when Nina Drango recovers after transforming into a dragon for the first time in the capital city. She was brought to the clinic by Azazel, who is seemingly a regular due to his activities as the "Ragged Demon".

When Nina herself gets imprisoned by Charioce XVII, Rita leaves the clinic to rescue her and their other friends. She returns once Nina and Jeanne d'Arc are safe. Because of her actions against the King, Rita trashes her clinic and puts on a demon disguise to hide.

The clinic is used once more to treat El of a stab wound. Despite her best efforts, Rita is unable to save El.

After Charioce XVII's apparent defeat of Bahamut, Rita presumably goes back to work as a doctor at her clinic.

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