Rita's mother
Rita's mother
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Race: Zombie
Human (formerly)
Relatives: Unnamed husband
Rita (daughter)
Anime Debut: Episode 3
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Rita's mother was a resident of Nebelville. She perished during the events of the Nebelville Massacre, with the sole survivor being her daughter Rita, who revived her as a zombie.



Rita's mother was a kind and humble woman. She was upset that trolls lived near the town and wanted so badly to stop them from attacking, as the trolls had already taken away every other child aside from her daughter, who could be next.

As a zombie, Rita's mother lacked a personality and simply wished to devour flesh. She did not hesitate to bite even her own daughter's neck. Her merciless act would turn Rita into a zombie as well.



200 years ago, Rita's mother lived a relatively peaceful life in Nebelville with her husband and daughter until the town was massacred by an invading monster. Rita alone survived. Rita used the Black Bible to revive her parents and the dead villagers and concealed all of them behind a magical fog. From then on, Rita played "house" with her undead parents.

Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

Kaisar pursued Rita through the army of zombies. When he spotted Rita's parents, he prepared to attack but Rita stepped and raised her arm to prevent him from touching her father. However, Rita's mother proceeded to bite Rita in the neck much to Rita's shock. Kaisar retaliated by attacking both zombies, killing Rita's mother second by slicing her in half.


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