This staff belonged to Rita.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of the Black Bible and her resurrection as a zombie, Rita began using this staff to control any new zombie she created. The staff was first used on a pirate crew, who had attempted to kill Rita and Kaisar Lidfard after they had boarded a pirate ship without knowing (they were tricked by a con man).

Rita bit and transformed all the pirates on board and used her staff to control them. She directed the pirates to go after the Celephales, upon which Favaro Leone and Amira were and whom Kaisar was hunting.

Rita used this staff again when she turned a bunch of sorcerers inside the royal castle, in response to Azazel and Pazuzu's raid of the castle.

Ten years later, Rita uses this staff again to control zombies she created out of prison guards at the Labor camp.

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