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Kanji: ロクサーヌ
Romaji: Rokusaanu
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Violet
Manga Debut: TWIN HEADS Chapter 3
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Roxanne (ロクサーヌ, Rokusaanu) is a character featured in Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Roxanne is a man of about Kaisar's height with long, shaggy black hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Roxanne displays selfish and self-serving tendencies and becomes visibly enraged when things do not go his way. He is greedy and likes to live in luxury and be surrounded by beautiful women.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS[edit | edit source]

After Jail Marginal is knocked unconscious by an attack from Violet, he has a dream of the day Roxanne and Jail's father had an argument. Cyrano fell into a coma shortly after. While arguing with the physician, Jail saw Roxanne and Violet standing by the door, the latter smiling cruelly.

When he wakes up, Jail tells Favaro Leone about Roxanne.[1]

Roxanne is later shown enjoying himself in the castle.[2] He has two beautiful women on either side of him and a table topped with numerous plates of delicious food in front of him. His mood sours instantly when a guard says something displeasing. Roxanne decides to visit Jail in his cell but his rant at the boy gets interrupted by Violet.

Back in his room, Roxanne complains to Violet about what she said to Jail. A guard then alerts Roxanne that a building has caught fire. Roxanne decides to lead a group of men to salvage the objects inside. On his way back, he sees Kaisar in the middle of a confrontation with Violet. Kaisar charges at him and uses him as a hostage so he can take Jail and Petra out of the castle.

Guards intercept the four once they've reached the port. To Roxanne's horror, a ship comes perilously close to him from behind. Roxanne is knocked into the ocean with the guards when the ship crashes into the pathway. The captain of the ship is Favaro, who has come to rescue his allies.

After partying and getting drunk, Roxanne wakes up to find a large group of citizens outside his window. Violet tells him to follow her to a special cave with the citizens following him. Once there, Violet has Roxanne demonstrate his ability to control the giant golems using a special wand. Roxanne is initially terrified but finds he can indeed command the golems. He and the citizens are elated.

Sometime after, Roxanne is alerted to intruders inside the cave. Roxanne takes note while continuing to admire a very large and intimidating golem.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Roxanne is clumsy and occasionally trips and falls over. Using the special wand, he is able to control the golems.

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