The royal castle is the residence of the royal family. It overlooks the capital city Anatae.


The royal castle is a large, tall building with multiple rooms and towers.

It is where the royal family and their knights and servants live. The knights protect both the castle and the capital city from invasion, usually by relying on Golems. The current ruler has the authority to decide who can and cannot live within the castle's walls.

Life inside the castle is considerably luxurious, especially compared to the capital city and the villages outside. The throne room is large and well-decorated, and it is where the ruler of the land speaks with subjects, sends out commands, and receives words from the gods. The castle also has a large ballroom, this being the source of entertainment for guests.

Each servant and knight has their own room, with Gilles de Rais - who served the Orleans Knights under the name "Lavalley" - having a secret room which housed many concoctions and books. Down below there are jail cells meant for prisoners awaiting judgement. A statue of Bahamut exists inside the castle and serves as a reminder of the destruction Bahamut caused 2,000 years ago.

The royal castle is often attacked by demons. A major assault led by Azazel and Pazuzu in hopes of retrieving Amira and the God Key was dealt with by Jeanne d'Arc. Like many areas, the royal castle was hit by one of Bahamut's fire blasts, leading to a fire outbreak that killed at least Charioce XIII.

A plot to steal the bracelet used to power Dromos occurred ten years later, led by Charioce XVII's enemies and ruined by Charioce XVII's love interest, Nina Drango. Jeanne d'Arc herself, a couple of days later, led an assault on the royal castle in search of the king who had instigated her son's demise. She left the moment she realized the king had already fled the night before.

In Charioce XIII's eyes, pregnant mistresses and bastard children have no place in the royal castle. His only known illegitimate son, Chris, decided that the gods have no place near the royal castle, nor do people who seek to worship the gods.



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