The Shipwrecker 1
Status: Alive
Race: Sea monster
Anime Debut: Episode 4
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The Shipwrecker is a sea monster.


The Shipwrecker is a giant crab (about half the size of Amon's Celephales), described as having a nicely-boiled color. It possesses glowing white eyes and spikes on its body that give off an either blue-ish or white light.


The Shipwrecker does not speak and merely tries to sink any ship it can find and devour any being - human or demon - on board.


Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

A sea monster well-known to the locals of Ysmenport, the Shipwrecker is renowned for sinking countless ships and those who venture off to sea deeply fear it.

When Favaro Leone and Amira board Amon's ship in hopes of reaching Helheim, they encounter the Shipwrecker which emerges from the sea at night. Amira considers the Shipwrecker tasty-looking while Favaro half-heartedly agrees, right before the Shipwrecker's claw smashes down on part of the ship, causing it to tilt violently.

As the Celephales is a cargo ship, Amon is forced to flee and not fight back. Amira transforms into her demon form in order to deal with the threat. She punches her fist into the center of the Shipwrecker's head, causing it pain and green blood to spill out. Amira decides then that the Shipwrecker is not tasty-looking at all.

Realizing that Amira is a demon and that Favaro maybe too, Amon decides to reveal his own identity as a demon along with his betrayal of Favaro's father, Barossa. Amon and Favaro get into a fight, during which the Shipwrecker captures Amon and devours him. It then disappears back into the sea.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Shipwrecker possesses a devastating might that can crush any ship it sees. Its large size makes it even more terrifying. Most weapons cannot penetrate its outer layer. Its relatively small mouth enables it to devour humans and demons.


The Shipwrecker is weaker than Amira in her demonic form and a single punch penetrated its forehead and caused blood to splatter out. The wound remained even sometime after, leaving a small part of its brain visible.


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