Sword Valley is a Western land.

History[edit | edit source]

Sword Valley is the home of a gate that leads to Cocytus, the demon capital.

Aside from its sharp and pointy mountains and the fog which covers the lower ground, Sword Valley seems to possess no other prominent feature.

It became Azazel's destination after he had obtained Amira and thus the God Key. Azazel intended to fly Gregor through the gate with Amira in tow, but he was intercepted by Favaro Leone. Guided using intel provided by Lavalley's supposed scouts, the Orleans Knights also intercepted Gregor and a fight between the demons and humans ensued.

Gregor was destroyed before it could pass through the gate. Amira was rescued by her friends and flown away on a dragon. Azazel was forced to return along with his demon companions empty-handed.

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