Chapter Info
Kanji 故郷を目指す男たち
Romaji Kokyō o Mezasu Otoko-tachi
Release Date August 21st 2016
Pages 28
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 2

This is the first chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Favaro and Kaisar arrive at a market. They soon get into a violent argument, leading Favaro to run away from Kaisar. Favaro wanders alone until a young, blond haired boy bumps into him. Favaro grabs hold of the boy before he can run off. When shady men gather around the pair, Favaro proceeds to beat them all up. He and the boy continue to argue until a woman in a maid uniform tries to slice Favaro up multiple times with her dagger. This woman is relieved to see her "Young Master Jail" safe. Elsewhere, another woman is being yelled at and she responds by touching the man's face and turning him completely into ice. Favaro is then seen eating food while talking with the boy and the maid. Kaisar finds him, but he is joined in confronting Favaro with more shady-looking men.



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